Do What You Love

Do what you love. Love what you do. This little proverb is both an inspiring instruction and a simple statement of fact. Seek to do what you love, because when you’re doing that, life is exciting and you’ll enjoy every day. It was just about one year ago that I decided to take Ugmonk full-time so that I could do what I love. The fact that I enjoy developing the Ugmonk brand explains the passion with which I approach everything I do at Ugmonk, even the mundane tasks.

The message of the design originated in a blog post that I wrote a while back, (read the full post) and I hope it inspires many of you to follow your passions.

The style was inspired by old letterpress wood type, referencing back to the craft of the manual printing press. The subtle textured print sits beautifully on the super soft poly-cotton blend tee. Grab yours in the shop.

Our second new shirt is Crazy Eights. The design is printed with a halftone technique (similar to the It’s About Time tee) to create the subtle depth and shading. These eights are crazy about each other!