Premium Wood Ampersand

The beautiful and unique Ugmonk Premium Ampersand is now available for you to own. Each 18-inch tall ampersand balances effortlessly on a hand-buffed textured steel plate thanks to a super-strong magnet hidden in its base. The hand-finishing process and natural woodgrain make each ampersand a one of a kind art piece.

The Concept

The idea to turn this ampersand (which was designed from scratch to represent the Ugmonk Premium Line) into a true art piece came about as a part of Ugmonk’s first exclusive art show at D-Structure in San Francisco. Though the ampersand wasn’t for sale at that time, several people showed an interest in having such a unique piece as part of their own home or studio decor.

Behind The Scenes

Creating each ampersand is an intricate process. We thought you might enjoy seeing them come to life as they are crafted right here in Downingtown, PA, so we filmed some behind the scenes footage. Each ampersand is custom cut, sanded, hand-stained and laquered, and shipped in custom packaging to assure safe delivery.

Watch the video below or click here if you are having trouble viewing.

This initial relase includes only 15 pieces and there’s no place else in the world to secure your very own Ugmonk Premium Ampersand other than the Ugmonk Shop.