It’s the Little Things

As any Ugmonk fan knows, the little things are important to us. Often it’s the unnoticed details that give a website, design, or product that finished feel.

The little things go far beyond design though. In a world full of BIG problems, it’s easy to marginalize the everyday tasks and interactions, but it’s really these everyday things that make up the most important part of our lives.

Remembering to take out the trash, holding the door for someone, or letting someone ahead of you in traffic. Greeting a stranger with a smile, giving your son or daughter a hug, or telling that special someone that you love them. These things cost nothing and take almost no time or effort, yet we often set them aside for “more important things.” Let this new design remind you to take time each day to focus on the little things, because “It’s the little things” that matter.

It’s The Little Things is printed with white discharge ink on a black 100% ringspun cotton shirt.

Charity Drive

We’re thankful for the opportunity to give some little things back to support orphans in need. Once again we’ll be working with our friends at Rice Bowls to help kids in need. From Friday through the end of 2012, each item purchased provides a full day of meals for orphans around the world.

This year we’re also offering you the opportunity to add your contribution to the drive when you checkout. 100% of each dollar that you donate will go directly to Rice Bowls.

Other Great Gift Ideas

We’re also introducing a few other new items that make great gifts. First a set of 5 laser-engraved bamboo Punctuation Coasters (complete with case) is something that every typography geek needs. What better place to put your And Then I Woke Up mug?

Next, we realized that a tshirt is too big to hang on your Christmas tree, so we turned a few of our favorite designs into laser-cut wooden t-shirt ornaments. Get any one of them for $12 or get the whole set for $30.

Finally, we have reprinted two popular designs in new colorways. Last year’s holiday shirt Don’t Just Stand There is now available in a super-soft triblend gray shirt with black print and a new black-on-white treatment that accentuates the impossibility of Perception.

And here’s a gift for you. From now through Monday, November 26, you can save 20% on everything in the shop by using the code GIVEBACK at checkout.