Waiting Until It’s Perfect

People often ask if I ever run out of new ideas. Honestly ideas are the easy part, executing them is much harder. I have a long list of products that I’d like to produce for Ugmonk someday, but until I perfect the design, materials, and manufacturing I won’t release a new product.

For the past couple years I’ve wanted to design custom messenger bags but couldn’t find a source that could produce what I was envisioning. There are plenty of places that sell stock bags and can slap a logo on them, but I wanted to design bags from the ground up and have control of every little detail. A bag is a very personal thing and the way that it feels and functions is just as important as the way it looks. I’m working on creating a bag that not only looks awesome, but will also last a lifetime.

Now for the good news. I finally found a place that fit the bill and we’re currently in the prototyping phase of making the first ever Ugmonk messenger bags. Though it can be tempting to rush into releasing something, in my opinion it’s worth it to wait until it’s perfect.

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