OpenFrame: A simple, flexible way to display prints & photos.

If you’re like us, you have dozens of posters that are just lying around in tubes or drawers. They never made it onto the wall because we never got around to framing them. We collaborated with fellow designer Matthew Smith (@whale) to design OpenFrame as a simple, flexible way to hang posters, prints, and photos of various sizes and configurations.

To help us raise the funding needed to manufacturer our first production run of OpenFrames, we’ve launched a Kickstarter Campaign. We need to raise $40,000 to make it happen. For your support as a backer, you can be one of the first to receive your very own OpenFrame. We and all the lonely posters out there appreciate your interest and support!


You can easily swap artwork out as often as you like by removing the small, but strong, rare earth magnets that hold your artwork to OpenFrame with minimal obstruction. OpenFrame is built in the USA with high-quality, natural materials that give it a warm aesthetic and complement artwork of any kind.


  • The “open” frame can accomodate multiple sizes and configurations of prints unlike custom frames which only hold one size.
  • Small strong rare earth magnets allow for prints to be easily swapped (no more hassling with undoing the back of a frame).
  • Special oversized slots on the back of the frame allow for easy hanging and positioning on the wall.
  • Made in the USA.



OpenFrame is constructed from a combination of birch plywood, birch veneer, and stainless steel. Each frame is carefully finished with a clear lacquer to protect the wood surface and requires almost zero maintenance. To clean, the wood can simply be wiped with a dry cloth to remove dust.

3 Sizes

1. Square – Size: 10″ x 10″ – Perfect for your favorite solo Instagram print or 5″x7″s.

2. Medium – Size: 18″ x 24″ – Fits a traditional medium poster beautifully or arrange it with several smaller pieces.

3. Large – Size: 24″ x 30″- Show off those handsomely large prints or combine several pieces of various sizes.

Thickness – Each of the frames are 3/4″ thickness, hollow, but well built for durability.

3 Finishes

  • Natural birch with natural birch edges
  • Black stain with solid black edges
  • White stain with solid white edges


stain_black stain_natural stain_white


How to hang:

Each OpenFrame has special routed slots in the back that allow it to be hung in portrait or landscape orientation. Rather than tiny holes, the slots were designed to allow the frame to easily be positioned on the wall over a screw or hook.

***Since different wall materials (drywall, brick, plaster) require different types of screws, we do not include hanging hardware with OpenFrame. We recommend using the appropriate type of anchors for your specific surface.


For the past few months, we’ve been working with a local shop here in PA to produce and refine the OpenFrame prototypes. We’ve designed a frame that not only functions great but also reduces the overall weight of the frame to make it easier to hang. Here are some photos from the prototyping process.

Help us make it happen

We are working with a local manufacturer here in the USA to manufacture OpenFrame. We have done extensive prototyping and testing and feel confident in our design, but in order to reach the minimum production run we need to raise $40,000.

We are using the Kickstarter platform to raise these funds. For your support as a backer, you can be one of the first to receive your very own OpenFrame and help us make it happen!