Our lives are full – full of stuff, full of responsibilities, full of distractions. Anyone who works with plants knows that sometimes the best thing for a plant is to prune away everything but the most healthy branches. In the process the gardener will seem to be pruning branches that are good, but if left on the plant, they will steal away nutrients from the best branches.

Our lives could all use a pruning – an evaluation of what is and is not important – and a reduction, leaving us healthier in the best parts of life.

Minimize what’s not important so that you can maximize what’s most important.

Buy Some & Give Some

We’re continuing our collaboration with our friends at Rice Bowls with our 7th Annual Charity Drive to help feed kids in need. Starting today through the end of 2014, each item purchased provides 3 meals for orphans around the world.

You can also contribute directly to the Charity Drive and have your donation tripled by a private donor.

New Products

Lots of new goods just hit the shop: crewnecks, tees, canvas pouches, prints, and new messenger bags. Check out all of the details below or head over to the shop for more photos.


Special Holiday Sale

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