116 x Ugmonk Collection

It’s not often that I do any design work outside of working on Ugmonk products, but when my friends from Reach Records approached me with an opportunity to collaborate on a special artist collection I couldn’t pass it up. I’ve been a fan of Reach and the 116 movement for quite some time and was honored to team up with them.

We’ve been working together for the past year to dial in all of the details, from cut and sewn hoodies to special woven tags and embroidered patches to custom stitched snapbacks.

I designed a custom script and 116 typography that’s used throughout each of the 13 pieces in the 116 x Ugmonk Collection. Each item relates to each other with a slightly different interpretation of the 116 theme of “Unashamed.” Limited quantities are available here.

About 116

116 is the movement of the unashamed. Established alongside of Reach Records, the music helped propel 116 into a community with the heartbeat to live an unashamed life. You can find 116 worldwide, from athletes to tattoo artists to businessmen, all joined together in this passion.

Shop the full collection here

Shop the full collection here