The Dot Series

The Dot Series

Introducing the Dot Series

A simple dot by itself can feel insignificant.

But when you group multiple dots together they start to form structure, pattern, and texture—many little parts working together to make up a much larger image. (In many ways this is a wonderful metaphor for life.)

I designed these tees using a simple dot as the foundation and explored three different techniques:

Focal Point uses pattern and color to catch your eye and draw your focus to the center.

Transition adjusts the size and shape of the dots as the flow horizontally and vertically across the design. 

At first glance you might not notice the dots in Mist, but when you look closer you see that the shading and dimension of the design are a result of the halftone pattern.

All three tees are available now in the shop. Pick up your favorite one or get the set of 3 and save.

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