Leather Care

Think of natural vegetable-tanned leather as a blank canvas. The leather starts out a very light color and gets darker the more it is exposed to the sun and interacted with. The more you use it, the better it looks. Over time, the leather will mold and form to your unique pattern of use and age to a beautiful caramel color. If you wish to speed up the darkening process, simply place your leather product in direct sunlight for several hours.

Vegetable-tanned leather is very durable and if cared for properly it will last for generations. The leather will absorb the natural oils from your hands and may not need additional oiling. If the leather seems to be drying out, you can condition the leather with pure mink oil or neatsfoot oil. Apply a light coat of oil and work it into the leather using your hands or a dry cloth. Allow leather to dry before using. Reapply every six months or as needed.

New vs. Used Natural Leather

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