Ugmonk x Unsplash

If you've ever seen photos of my desk floating around the web somewhere, it's most likely a result of my friends at Unsplash. Unsplash is a photo-sharing site that lets you download and use thousands of free photos and use however you'd like. When I uploaded my photos a couple years ago, I had no idea how viral they would go. My desk has now been viewed by tens of millions of people all around the globe and continues to pop up on sites all over the internet! Now I'm teaming up with Unsplash to feature 10 people from the Ugmonk community. The theme is "Minimalism, Productivity, and Organization" – which we based around the recent release of Gather.
How to Enter:
  • Submit your photos based on the themes of “minimalism”, “productivity”, or “organization”
  • Add “Ugmonk” to the photo story (its caption)
  • All photos must comply with Unsplash's Submission Guidelines and be submitted by June 6th, 2017 at midnight EST.
How to Win:
  • You photo(s) will be reviewed for approval by the Unsplash Editorial team and will show up on the Ugmonk collection page.
  • The Unsplash Editorial team (and me) will select 10 of our favorite photos to feature.
The 10 Winners will:
  • Be featured in the Unsplash Curated email that gets sent to 400,000+ subscribers.
  • Be featured on the Unsplash homepage which gets viewed more than the cover of the New York Times.
  • Be featured on the Unsplash Instagram account.
  • Receive goodies from Unsplash and Ugmonk

Submit your photos here

I'm looking forward to see all of your photos!