"Keep your focus where it should be."
"Gets things done without getting in your way."
"We don’t need fancy apps or gimmicky journals."
"Simple, unique, effective."
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Review by: Chase Reeves

Chase Reeves

"I love how these card pair with day-to-day project management, and how they feel in my hands."

Watch How Chase Uses Analog
Review by: Maisy Leigh

Maisy Leigh

"When I keep all of my to-do’s on my screen, they can be easy to ignore. Using Analog feel really refreshing."

Watch how Maisy uses Analog
Review by: Ali Abdaal

Ali Abdaal

"I love having a to-do list that I can see all of the time. And being able to store all of my cards under the divider."

Watch how Ali uses Analog
Review by: Matthew Encina

Matthew Encina

"This is a to-do system that just works because it’s simple, in your face, and fun to use."

Watch how Matthew uses Analog
Analog Starter Kit

Analog Starter Kit

  • Solid Wood Card Holder (Walnut or Maple)
  • 3 Analog Card Packs (50 cards each)
  • Made in Pennsylvania, USA 🇺🇸
Get the Starter Kit - $95 Shop Analog Accessories

Our mission is to create simple, beautiful objects that combine form and function.

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