5 Things I'm Digging – 2019 Summary

Every month I send out a list of 5 Things I'm Digging where I curate everything from design to music to architecture and more. These continue to be my most-clicked emails and most-loved emails.

Here's a summary from 2019:





Eat & Drink


  • Bon Iver's new album is a masterpiece and my favorite album of the year (their live show was incredible too)
  • I am Easy to Find by the National
  • Weather by Tycho is some of the best music to work to
  • great interview with Johnny Cupcakes, who was one of my original inspirations back in 2008 when I started Ugmonk
  • The HeyDad Podcast is honest and candid discussions about parenthood and has had me laughing out loud
  • Typology is a great podcast by Ian Morgan Cron that incorporates the Enneagram (this has been incredibly helpful for me personally)


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