9 Years of Ugmonk

Introducing the Limited Edition 9th Anniversary Set. Only 200 of these sets exist, so once they’re sold out they're gone for good. Get yours here → Every year new clothing brands come and go, but one of the main reasons Ugmonk has stuck around is the support from each of you. The stories that you tell when wearing or using an Ugmonk product have kept the brand spreading across the globe in an organic way that no big advertising dollars could ever replicate. My goal is to keep making remarkable products that you will enjoy for years to come and want to keep telling your friends about. The future is bright and I'm excited for what's next!

About the Set

This year’s anniversary set features a custom designed “9” along with a 9-triangle mark representing the nine years of Ugmonk. The shape of the design invokes the idea of a wheel on an incline. It may seem like after 9 years, running a business should be like letting a wheel roll downhill, but in fact every year is a continual push uphill. Despite the work, or even because of it, I've found a great joy in the journey of growing a brand in ways that I never imagined 9 years ago.

9th Anniversary Tee

The Ninth Anniversary tee features the anniversary “9” printed with water-based ink on a super soft triblend black fabric, the softest of any of our tees. The screenprinted neck tag features the 9-triangle mark. The tees are manufactured and printed in the USA and only available as part of the limited edition anniversary set.

Nine Emblem

Anniversary Box

I designed the Ninth Anniversary box based off the angle created from the design. When you lift the lid it reveals the inner rose gold box that mimics the angle of the nine. The rose gold foil "9” wraps around the outside of the matte black box, and the lower corner features the 9-triangle mark.

Foil Letterpress Card

Each set also includes an individually-numbered card (1-200) to signify the limited nature of the anniversary sets. These cards are letterpressed with a rose gold foil on thick black card stock and feature the ninth anniversary “9” and 9-triangle mark.

Get the 9th Anniversary Set here