Craighill for Ugmonk: New Brass Desk Knife

We believe objects can be both beautiful and functional. Our workspace should be filled with products that stand the test of time, like Gather or a leather mousepad.

We collaborated with our friends at Craighill to create another must have for your workspace. The limited edition Brass Desk Knife was inspired by the Japanese kiridashi knife and recontextualized for the modern workspace.

This new brass version of the Craighill Desk Knife is available exclusively in the Ugmonk shop.


Even in this digital age, most of us open some type of package or letter almost every day. This little desk knife adds a bit of delight to a somewhat mundane task and is incredibly satisfying to use. It’s beauty and character will grow over time as the patina from the oxidation process makes it uniquely yours.

Each Desk Knife is milled from 5/8" solid brass in Wisconsin.

We’re also excited to carry two additional Craighill products in our shop: the Venn Puzzle and the Ripple Bottle Opener.

The Venn Puzzle is a beautiful mechanical puzzle made of three identical pieces, die-cast in stainless steel and weighing almost 2 pounds. It’s surprisingly difficult to assemble (it took me forever at first!), but also incredibly satisfying when the 3 pieces snap together to form a perfect sphere. It’s sure to be a conversation piece on your desk or coffee table.


The Ripple Bottle Opener is a modern take on the classic churchkey-style bottle opener. It’s milled from 5/8" diameter stainless steel in Wisconsin. The wave-like profile fits perfectly in your hand and provides extra leverage when in use.

These items are available in very limited quantities. Head over to the shop for full details about our collaboration with Craighill.