Foxtrot Supply for Ugmonk

We’re excited to release our new leather goods collection in collaboration with our friends at Foxtrot Supply

We’re especially excited about the exclusive olive leather. It’s absolutely stunning in person!

The new line includes 4 new items, each available in 4 colors of leather.

Each item is sewn by hand, which allows for a cleaner, more durable stitching that can’t be replicated by a machine. This level craftsmanship combined with the highest quality full-grain Horween leather takes these products to a whole new level.

In a world full of disposable products, these items are quite the opposite. With simple, timeless designs and materials that will age beautifully, we think of these as heirlooms that you’ll have for years to come. The more you use them, the better they look.

Our wallets combine old-world construction methods with clean, modern design. Each product is carefully hand-stitched by Jordan Fox, co-owner of Foxtrot Supply. Jordan hand stitched 14,365 stitches to create our new leather goods. And we mean literally stitched by hand with a needle and thread—no sewing machines!

Hand-stitching allows for is cleaner, more durable stitching that can’t be replicated by a machine.

We use full-grain Horween™ leather, the highest grade of leather available. Horween Leather Company in Chicago, USA has been to making the world's best leathers since 1905.

It’s hard to explain just how soft and supple this leather is until you have it in your hands. These items will age beautifully and conform to your unique pattern of use.

Our new leather collection includes 4 products, each available in 4 colors options.

About Foxtrot Supply

Foxtrot Supply Co. was founded by Ryan Hetu and Jordan Fox, two Midwestern guys with a passion for providing honest, hardworking goods. They believe in taking their time to design and make products that last and will fit seamlessly into your life.