Introducing Shoes Like Pottery

By now you know I’m a big believer in quality over quantity – investing in fewer, better things that will stand the test of time and get better with wear.

Four years ago, I came across a pair of kiln-fired sneakers from a Japanese brand, Shoes Like Pottery. These shoes are forged in a kiln similar to how artisan ceramics are made.

I was hesitant to spent $165 on a pair of sneakers, but I was intrigued by the manufacturing process and minimal aesthetic, so I went for it.

I bought a pair of black high-top Shoes Like Pottery and have been wearing them ever since.

Now four years later, I’ve put them through their paces (everything from trekking through NYC to zoo trips with the kids) and I can honestly say they are the best sneakers I’ve ever owned.

Their simple, understated design combined with their comfort and durability keep these sneakers at the top of my rotation.

Now I’m excited to carry them in our shop and make them available to you.


As the Shoes Like Pottery name implies, these sneakers are kiln-fired at 120°C for 70 minutes using the ancient Japanese “ka-ryu” process.

This special vulcanization process causes the sulfur and raw rubber to react chemically and return the rubber to its natural elasticity.

The “ka-ryu” process, which is only performed by a handful of manufacturers around the world, fuses the rubber outsole to the canvas upper, making them super durable to withstand lots of wear.

The result is an incredibly soft, flexible, comfortable sole.


At first glance, these sneakers might not look all that different from other sneakers out there, but once you put them on you’ll feel the difference.

Available in either Black and Natural

*Please note: These sneakers run big. We suggest sizing down one size.
(I typically wear a size US 10, but in these I wear a US 9)

And if you need help figuring out your size, drop us line and we're happy to help.