Introducing the New Ugmonk

A decade ago I started Ugmonk as a side project to design a few high-quality tees that I personally wanted. A lot has changed since then, but our core mission hasn’t.

Maybe better viewed as a renewed Ugmonk, the New Ugmonk raises the bar on quality, experience, and aesthetic—a matured vision for creating and curating beautiful, functional products.

Renewed Emphasis on Design

The original Ugmonk was focused on applying graphic design to different existing objects. With our renewed vision, we will also draw attention to the design of the objects themselves. For example, our new custom Essential Tees

New Custom Tees

Tees have been the core of Ugmonk’s product offering since day one. We’ve always sought out the the best off-the-shelf tees, but we've never been 100% happy with the available options. So we decided it was time to make our own Ugmonk tees right here in the USA.

We’re really excited to introduce our new custom tees. Over the years, I've handled and worn hundreds of tees and can honestly say that these are my all-time favorite. They are my daily go-to tees and I think you're going to love them.

These tees will be available as part of our Essential Tees collection and will also be the new canvas for timeless Ugmonk designs.

Developed with and produced by our manufacturer in Los Angeles, California, each tee is carefully cut and sewn by hand. The tees are then enzyme washed for added softness and garment dyed to our own custom colors. The garment dye process creates subtle variations of color, making each tee truly unique. Finally, the tees are pre-shrunk so that they will fit the same on day one as day one hundred.

Learn more about our new tees →

New Colors, New Designs

With our new tees we are also introducing a new, more refined color palette. We are relaunching 6 of our most popular designs and releasing 4 brand new designs:

Plus Minus


New Products, New Friends

Along with a regular release of new tees, you can expect more Ugmonk products designed from the ground up and more special collaborations with other small makers.

My first big experience with designing and producing a new product was Gather. While it has always been closely tied to Ugmonk, you can now buy Gather right here at

There are so many great designers, authors, and makers that share sensibilities with Ugmonk. I want to share the spotlight with some of them and introduce you to amazing products and brands that I love.

Starting today we are offering the iconic Joey Roth Speakers that have been one of the most commented on pieces of my workspace—and they sound amazing too!

We are also carrying a selection of design books that have inspired me and helped shape Ugmonk.

Along the way I will continue to give you access and insight to the process and people behind everything we make. We’re excited to share more photos, video, and content on the new Ugmonk Journal.

Team Effort

As my family has grown and I juggle the responsibilities of being a dad and business owner, I’ve realized the importance of bringing in more people to help execute our vision. Even though I'm the voice of the brand, we have a small team of amazing people behind the scenes that help make it all happen. Ugmonk is truly a team effort. We'll be sharing more about the people on our team in the near future. (Huge shoutout to Clari Fisher, Ryan Hetu, Robin Sheldon, and Mike Sheldon for making this all happen!)

Quality Over Quantity

Another value that we are carrying forward is our commitment to quality over quantity. It’s tempting to want to raise money from investors, scale quickly, and build a huge company with big budgets, but we’ve realized that’s not the core of who we are. We’re not looking for hockey-stick growth and mass distribution. In fact, it’s quite the opposite. In a disposable world where most things quickly become outdated, we’re doubling down on producing the best products that will stand the test of time and selling them directly to you. Fewer, better things.

Free Shipping

One final new perk: Ugmonk is now offering Free Shipping for orders over $99!
(Applies to US orders only)

Spread the word

Many of you have come along with me for this journey for the past ten years, but I believe there are many more like us who have never heard of Ugmonk, yet they would resonate with the Ugmonk ethos.

Thanks for continuing to spread the word to your friends, family, and co-workers, to Enjoy the Journey with us.

Jeff Sheldon