Letterpress: Behind the Scenes

After shooting this video of Iceland and then seeing it go semi-viral, I became really interested in learning more about the craft of filmmaking. To be honest I shot the Iceland video on the fly without much planning or experience. I love the challenge of learning new things and it's been fun to dig deeper into the world of video. This behind-the-scenes Letterpress video was the first full video that I shot and produced since picking up my new camera gear a few months ago. Since the letterpress shop is local it was a great opportunity to put my skills to use and shoot the printing process for the new 7th Anniversary Sets. Music plays a huge role in video. Rather than picking a stock song I had the neat opportunity to collaborate with Vyking (my brother-in-law) to write an original track for this video. It was fun to work closely alongside each other to tweak the song and footage and bring it all together. After many revisions and edits, I’m really proud of what we produced. As a consumer, I alway enjoy when brands share their process through video and I'm excited to show you how more of our products are made. In fact I recently flew out to Tacoma, Washington and filmed at our leather manufacturer and am currently editing that new video. Stay tuned for more updates.

Original music by Vyking Printing by Paper Meets Press

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