My Favorite Places to Shop Small

“Shopping small” can almost sound cliche at this point. Does it even really matter? 

Well, I can tell you firsthand that your support has a direct impact on our small business to keep us going, even through these crazy past couple years. 

And the trickle down effect is real. For example, when you buy Analog you’re actually supporting 4 other family-run manufacturers here in PA. Analog has played a big role in helping them stay in business and grow this past year.

. . . . .

Every year I like to spotlight some of my favorite small brands and makers. As we get into gift-buying mode, let's vote with our dollars and support independent creators. Community over competition. ❤️

. . . . .

  • Slimfold – Super slim, durable wallets and bags designed by my friend Dave in California. 
  • Spectrum Handcrafted – Minimalist jewelry made by my friend Julia in Chattanooga. 
  • Studio Neat –  A design studio run by my friends Dan and Tom that makes simple products that solve problems.
  • Foxtrot Studio – Beautifully-crafted leather goods made by hand in Kansas City (Jordan also makes all of our Ugmonk leather goods!)
  • Blinks – A really cool interactive tabletop game designed by my friend Jonathan in NYC.
  • PlanetBox – Eco-friendly stainless steel lunchboxes. My kids love these! Helped us to cut down the amount of single-use plastic we were using.
  • Liz Riden – Beautiful, handmade bags and purses by my friend Liz in Lancaster, PA.
  • A Kids Book About — Beautifully designed kids books that kickstart conversations about important topics.
  • Clever Supply Co. – Handmade leather camera straps made by my friend Todd.
  • Modern Fuel – Heirloom quality pens and mechanical pencils designed my friend Andrew.
  • Magic Puzzle Company – I backed their original Kickstarter and the trick at the end blew my mind. If you know someone who likes puzzles, this is perfect!
  • Distil Union – Cleverly-designed magnetic key organizers  and wallets run by by my friend Nate.
  • CW&T –  A design studio run by Che-Wei Wang & Taylor Levy that makes clever products that are made to last for generations.
  • Switchpod – A minimal, versatile handheld tripod defined by my friends Caleb and Pat.
  • Quoddy — Handmade shoes in Maine. I've been wearing this pair for 6+ years and they are still the most comfortable shoes I've ever owned.
  • Peel – If I have to use a case on my iPhone it's a Peel case. Great company run by my friend Marshal in Dallas. 
  • Manual — A collection of homewares that celebrate living slow, run by my friend Craighton in Chicago.
  • Fruition Chocolate – Amazing bean-to-bar chocolate made in Shokan, NY.
  • Some of my favorite coffee roasters— PassengerMethodical, Ultimo, Jitterz, Collective Coffee Project, Elm, Sey, Huckleberry

 . . . . .

Thanks for supporting our growing family and business these past 13 years! 

It's a privilege to keep creating new products for you every year.

Jeff Sheldon