New Ugmonk Swag Pack

A little over 6 months ago we rolled out our new Ugmonk 2.0 branding and it’s been fun to see our new logo in the wild. Making big changes like this can be nerve-racking, but it’s been so encouraging to receive such a positive response from you guys. As I’ve mentioned before, our primary “marketing” is still word-of-mouth. Even after 8 years, we rely on each of you playing an integral role in introducing more people to Ugmonk so we can keep bringing you new products.
I love hearing stories of random strangers meeting because they recognize each others’ Ugmonk products. Just recently a fan texted me that he was walking down Valencia Street in San Francisco and heard someone call out “YO, UGMONK!” and then proceeded to give him a high-five in the middle of the road!
Because so many of you have expressed love for the Ugmonk brand and the new logo, I wanted to make it even easier to rep Ugmonk. I designed the Ugmonk Swag Pack which includes 6 items: The swag pack is available in the shop for $12, or you can also purchase the pin, patch or stickers separately.
swag-pack-diagram1280 patch-2 decal-corner logo-sticker-3 logo-decal-2 logo-sticker-4 pin-6 patch-254 patch-256 patch-257 logo-decal-1 patches1 pin-2b pin-4 decal-peel-2 decal-peel-3 sticker-stack2 pin-5 ug-sticker-stack

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Next Friday

We're also gearing up for our huge Black Friday sale next week! If you have Ugmonk items on your holiday wishlist, make sure to drop a "hint" to your friends and family :)