New Women's Essential Tees

They’re finally here! After a year in development, we’re excited to launch our new Standard Fit Women’s Essential Tees.

A year ago we launched our Men’s Essential Tees and they continue to be customer favorites. Because once you own one, you realize just how nice a t-shirt can be. A customer just sent me this this other day:

“Bro…these essential tees are fire. The rest of my shirts are ruined. Seriously. The rest of my shirts feel like sandpaper haha.”

We knew we had to make our new Women’s Line even better. 

Our new Women’s Standard Fit is not too boxy, not too slim. We think it’s just right.

It’s all the details: a small split hem, comfortable neck, super soft garment dyed fabric, and sleeves that are just the right length. Comfortable, classic, timeless.

Available in 5 colors: Black, Bone, Sienna, Willow, and Brick

Here are some photos of how these new tees fit: