One Day At A Time

The quotes are familiar: “All good things take time." “The pyramids weren’t built in a day.” But it’s easy to get impatient. Incremental progress and small changes aren’t always as obvious or rewarding, but the big changes and exciting milestones are only achieved when we face the hard tasks that are in front of us one day at a time. Sometimes those hard tasks turn into life-shaking crises: a medical diagnosis, a financial deficit, a shattered relationship. In these times our 5-year plans, visions, and dreams fade away, and we are left face to face with what seems like the impossible. This past year has certainly held its share of struggles for me. Sleep deprivation is a real thing. Our now 18-month-old son has been dealing with health and sleep issues since he was 3-months old. After endless doctors appointments with very little improvement or answers, we were still only getting a few hours of sleep per night at best. I felt like I could barely function during the day, let alone continue to run a business. Thankfully we’ve seen some significant improvements recently, and in retrospect, it’s rewarding to see the personal growth that happened amidst and because of the struggles. In the moment, though, life felt quite overwhelming, and seeing past the next day was more than I could muster. Taking the time to pause and reflect always reminds me that I have so much to be grateful for. In the same year, Cole took his first steps, we finally launched Gather to an overwhelmingly positive response, and I was able to continue to enjoy the balance of work and life that running my own business affords. Every day is part of the journey of life. Make plans. Dream big. But don’t lose hope when struggles come. Live life one day at a time. - Jeff P.S. Just last week we welcomed home our baby girl, Nora, and we are back in the thick of the challenging days & nights. "One day at a time" applies to me now more than ever 😊

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