Renegade Recap

This past weekend we drove up to NYC for our second time at Renegade Brooklyn. It was a hot sunny weekend but sure beat last year when we got soaked with the torrential rain. We sold a lot of products, but more importantly got to meet many of you in person. I do my best to connect with fans and customers via Twitter, Facebook and email, but nothing is better than connecting with people face-to-face and being able to say "thanks" in person. Lugging all of our gear back and forth, setting everything up, and running a booth in the hot weather is physically draining and a much different animal than running a website. But similar to a website there are a lot of factors to consider with the setup that directly affect how people interact with the products and booth. We made a couple small changes to our setup on the second day and noticed a big shift in which products drew the most attention. Details certainly do matter. Huge thanks to my awesome wife and my friend Jesse for all their help making this weekend a success. After the two days of the fair we were all completely exhausted, but had a great time. Thanks again to everyone who came out and supported us! You guys make it all worth it!