Seven Years of Ugmonk

We like to think that it’s been more than just luck that’s transformed Ugmonk from a creative side project to a lasting brand. Creativity, hard work, and devoted fans have been the ingredients that made us successful for the past seven years. Here’s to another seven! The design of the 7th Anniversary Set centers around a clean, refined 7 and a special 7-sided shape called a heptahedron. These two elements are carried throughout each piece of the set. Only 300 of these sets exist, so once they’re sold out they're gone for good.


Each super soft heather black 50/50 blend tee features the Ugmonk Anniversary 7 design printed with the a soft water-based ink and special woven hem tags featuring the heptahedron. Made and printed in the USA. Only 300 ever made.


The 7th anniversary heptahedron is precision cut from a one inch solid piece of raw steel and custom engraved with the Ugmonk Anniversary 7 on the front face. This unique 7-sided shape changes in appearance depending on what angle you look at it. Its hefty weight, smooth antique finish, and prominent 7 make a great display piece on your desk or side table. The subtle markings from the tumbling process make each one truly unique. Each steel heptahedron comes packaged in it's own round mini tin.


Each 7th Anniversary Tee comes carefully packaged in a tin complete with a special letterpress label. Display it in your home or studio or reuse it to store odds and ends. Check out the video below to see the behind-the-scenes of of how these letterpress labels were printed.


To signify the limited edition nature of the 7th Anniversary Set we designed these solid metal cards, diecut with the Ugmonk Anniversary 7 and etched with the unique number of the set, 1-300.


I filmed a special behind-the-scenes look at the letterpress printing process for the 7th Anniversary packaging. Letterpress is one of the oldest forms of printing and has been around for over 500 hundred years. Though printing technology has come a long way, letterpress still creates a beautiful, tactile print that digital printing just can't replicate. Watch the full process video here.

Original music by Vyking Printing by Paper Meets Press

Look for more details about how I produced and edited the video soon.

Thanks for your continued support!