The Craft of Collaboration

[fve][/fve] Ugmonk has always been about creating better versions of products that I personally want. My strength and skills are on the creative and design side of things, but I'm certainly not an expert on the manufacturing side. The way I've been able to achieve this is by partnering with great manufacturers who have helped me turn my ideas into physical products. A couple months ago I flew out to the Black Anchor in Tacoma, WA to film the detailed process that goes into crafting our leather mousepads, wallets, and card cases. Though the products look simple from the outside, there's actually a lot that goes into making each one of them by hand.

The beauty of collaboration is that when we play to each other's strengths we're able to bring great products to life that otherwise would have never been made.


Big thanks to Vyking for writing the original music for the video and Black Anchor for allowing us to film at their workshop.


Watch the full video here