Thin Lines & Halftones

Since we relaunched Ugmonk a few weeks ago, we’ve been talking a lot about our new custom Essential Tees, but you might be wondering “Will there be new designs too?”

The answer is “Yes!”

In fact, we released 4 brand new designs as part of the launch, but without saying too much about them: VisionFacetPillarsOffset.

Each design uses thin lines or halftones (various size dots that create a gradient-like pattern) to create a light, minimal effect on the tee. The restrained color palette and water-based inks make the designs feel like they are part of the garment itself.

And yes, all of our design tees are printed on the same exact custom tees as our Essential Tees that so many of you have been raving about.

And we’re also stocking new colorways of some of the all-time Ugmonk favorites including: MountainsPlus MinusMomentumTransitionMistWoven.

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