Ugmonk Turns Two!

Today marks the 2nd Anniversary of Ugmonk. I can't believe how quickly these past two years have passed and how much Ugmonk has grown in this short time. I said the same thing last year, but even then, I never expected to have been able to make Ugmonk my full time job. It's been an amazing ride so far and I'm loving every minute of it.

To celebrate this 2-year mark, I designed a special Limited Edition Collector's Set which is now available in the Ugmonk Shop. Last year we did a limited run of 100 shirts, so for year two we decided to do 200. Yep, only 200 of these sets have been made, so once they're sold out, they're gone for good.

Each 2nd Anniversary Collector's Set includes several pieces. The 2nd anniversary tshirt is of course the central piece, featuring a two-color discharge print on a charcoal gray shirt with special screen printed 2nd anniversary logo tags in the neck.

While the shirt could easily stand on it's own, I wanted to add some premium packaging that was not only special, but could also be reused and repurposed. The result was a wooden box (made of solid pine and birch ply) with a wood-burned anniversary logo on the lid. I hope to see people using these boxes in creative ways (art supplies, photo collections, etc.)

Each set also comes with an Ugmonk laser-engraved wooden coin, each individually numbered. I love the tactile nature of engraved wood and thought is would be a cool way to number each set. Each token is has a slightly different wood grain making them each one of a kind.

Finally, each set includes a signed Ugmonk collector's card with the 2nd Anniversary design on one side and the 2nd anniversary logo on the other. I've personally signed each card as a thank you.

If you haven't noticed yet, everything about this anniversary release is about the number TWO.  We have a couple more exciting things to further this theme:

1) A 2-day 20% off sale - the biggest discount we've ever offered (August 26 and 27) - Use code TWOYEARS at checkout
2) A special bonus "2 are Better than One" shirt will be included in the Anniversary Sets numbered 2, 22, 122, and 200

It's been awesome to see the last few month's worth of work all come together. I hope you guys enjoy the result as much as I have!

Go grab your own at the shop while supplies last!