Warehouse Sale Recap

Thanks to all of you that came out to our first big in-person sale last weekend! It was super humbling to have hundreds of you drive in from all over!

With Ugmonk existing mostly online these past 13 years, it was great to finally connect with so many of you face to face. Being able to see and feel our products in person is something that just can't be replicated digitally.

It always fun to hear the stories of how and when you discovered Ugmonk. Some of you have been following since the start, which still blows my mind! It means a ton to have such loyal support to keep our family business going.

I left feeling completely exhausted, but also completely energized to keep creating. Looking forward to doing more events like this in the future!

. . . . .

A special thanks to all my family and friends who helped to make this all possible!
And shoutout to Jeff & Liz Frandsen for capturing photos.

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