Working From Home

Since many of you are now working from home for the foreseeable future, I wanted to share some things I've learned from the past 10+ years of working from home. While I don’t follow all of these perfectly, I hope these will help you as you settle into your new routine.

Sidenote: Give yourself grace during this time if you’re feeling guilty about not being productive. These are stressful, uncertain times and it’s ok to take some extra space to just be and not focus on work.

Tips from 10+ Year of WFH

📝 Create a simple daily plan – This doesn’t have to be a strict schedule (I’m not a schedule guy), but without any plan you’ll end up just working out of your inbox and getting easily distracted by anything and everything.

🖥 Start with a clean workspace – Notice I didn’t say “keep your workspace perfectly clean all of the time.” It’s ok to let your workspace get messy while you’re in the thick of it. Trust me, my workspace doesn’t always look like my photos on Instagram. When I’m deep in a project my desk is a wreck, but I try to tidy it up every morning to have a fresh start and help me focus.

🥪 Eat your meals away from your desk – It’s tempting to bring your lunch to your desk and just keep working, but forcing yourself to step away from your screen is a healthy break.

🚶‍♂️ Walk around while on non-video calls – I find that getting up and walking around while I’m on phone calls helps me to stretch and be more engaged on the calls. It can also be helpful to take a notebook and pen with you to jot down notes away from your screen.

💧 Drink water – We all know we should be drinking water throughout the day, but it’s easy to forget. I try to keep a dedicated water glass or tumbler always in front of me and it makes a big difference in keeping the habit of staying hydrated.

🌤 Get outside – Fresh air does wonders for the brain and body, even if it’s just a few minutes. I try to go for a walk or play with my kids outside at least a little bit each day. Also, if you're feeling stuck or unproductive, just going outside can be the spark you need to get going again.

I hope these suggestions are helpful as you make the transition to working from home.

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