Discbound Heirloom Journals

In a time like this where we are stuck at home, many of us find ourselves in front of screens even more than normal. While technology is great, I still find myself reaching for pen and paper for certain things – sketching concepts, meeting notes, brainstorming.

A simple blank page with no wi-fi or distractions is still hard to beat.

A couple years ago we launched a limited run of discbound journals with Pacific & West and they sold out super fast.

Since then we’ve been working on a new version with ever nicer components. We spent time sourcing the best materials – from the solid metal discs, to the full-grain leather, to the perfect paper stock.

These refillable journals are truly heirloom quality and something that you’ll be holding onto for life. They also pair perfectly with our Metal Bolt Action Pens.

What is "discbound"?

The discbound system is made of modular discs that allow paper to be freely added, removed, and reorganized. It’s a clever system that’s really versatile.

The disc-binding system was originally invented in 1948 by Andre Tomas and Andre Martin. In 1990, the patent expired and the discbound system has been adapted by many different companies (but most of them are cheap plastic or bonded-leather covers).

Why I like the discbound system:

Lays completely flat - I don't have to wrestle with the binding while writing. (This is especially nice for lefties like me)

Gets better with age - The full-grain leather and metal discs will age beautifully as its used.

Forgiving - The modular system lets you add, remove, or rearrange pages for when you make a mistake or want to reorganize your thoughts.

Refillable - Rather than buying a new journal each time, simply swap in a paper refill and continue using it.

    Available in 3 colors: Natural, Brown, Black with either Brass or Steel Discs