New Bolt Action Metal Pens

No matter how much of the world goes digital, we still find ourselves writing things down every day. I believe that a well-designed pen can make that writing experience more enjoyable.

I’ve had plenty of disposable pens over the years, but have always loved the idea of investing in one nice pen that can be my daily go-to. Plus, only buying refills means less waste overall.

When I discovered Inventery pens, I said, “These are beautiful! They look exactly like what I would design if I were trying to design a pen.”

So rather than redesigning a pen from the ground up, we partnered with our friends at Inventery to make a special edition Ugmonk Bolt Action Pen.

The pens are available in either a brass or chrome finish with the Ugmonk logo diamond-etched on the metal clip.

. . . . .

The clean lines and minimalist aesthetic drew me in, but it was actually using the pen in-person that sold me.

Each Bolt Action Pen is precision-machined from raw brass stock using a single tungsten blade. The weight of the pen is substantial and balanced in hand, but not too heavy. The bolt action mechanism allows you to quickly click the pen in and out with either hand and creates an audible snap. And boy is it extremely satisfying to click! — fidget rating 💯

Each pen includes the Schmidt P8126 Capless System roller ball that's a favorite among pen enthusiasts. The 0.6mm stainless steel fine tip allows the quick-drying liquid ink to flow smoothly on the page.