New Ugmonk Warehouse + HQ

I just made one of the biggest decisions of my entire career!

I signed the lease for the first ever Ugmonk warehouse + HQ. Coming in October.

After 10+ years of using my parents basement as our warehouse (thanks mom and dad!), this is a huge next step for us.

My parents have played a huge role in getting us to this point and I'm eternally grateful. They've even sacrificed their house and garage to be overrun by Ugmonk inventory many times. And my mom has headed up our shipping department for the past decade!

So why get our own physical warehouse?

Is it the cheapest option? No.

Is it infinitely scalable? No.

This will allow us to continue building a sustainable small business and control every aspect of our brand. Ultimately, this leads to the best customer experience for you.

In an "outsource everything" world, we are doing the opposite.

The building is an old paper mill from the 1700s here in Downingtown, PA that's being completely renovated. I'll be sharing more of the story behind it in future post.

I have big dreams for this space and I'm excited to bring you along for the journey.

I'll be posting the buildout progress on my Instagram.

This move has been 12 years in the making. Thanks for your support to get us here! 🙏

- Jeff

P.S. This is where we’ll be shipping out all of the 3300+ Analog kits in October. Also we just crossed $300k! 😅