Analog Wood Card Holder Maple

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The Analog Card Holder keeps your Today card conveniently in front of you while the back provides space to store the rest of your monthly cards. The open-back design makes it easy to grab a new card and discard your completed cards. The metal divider magnetically snaps into the base providing a shelf for quick access to your Next and Someday cards.

The solid maple base is precisely milled, sanded, and hand-finished here in the USA. The steel divider is laser cut and powder coated for a smooth white finish.

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    • Solid maple wood base
    • Holds up to 50 cards
    • Powder-coated steel divider
    • Neodymium magnets
    • Laser-engraved Ugmonk logo
    • Dimensions: 6.25" x 3.55" x 1.15"
    • Made in Pennsylvania, USA
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"Simple, unique, effective."
"Gets things done without getting in your way."
"We don’t need fancy apps or gimmicky journals"
"Simple, unique, effective."

How it Works

Analog doesn't replace your digital tools, it works alongside them by helping you focus on your most important work.

Watch How it Works ►

Analog divides tasks into 3 cards



At the beginning of each day, write up to 10 tasks on a Today card.

Use Task Signals to mark each task as completed, delegated, or in progress

Carry over unfinished tasks on a new Today card, or move some of them to a Next or Someday card.





Record important tasks that need to be done later. Use this list to help you fill out your Today card.




Capture ideas, aspirations, and goals that you would someday like to accomplish

The power of a simple habit

Analog is a simple, repeatable process. Starting fresh with a new Today card helps you adjust to your changing priorities.

Built on Proven Concepts

Analog ties together tried and true productivity principles into a simple, easy-to-use system.

Tangible Process

Tangible Process

Seeing your progress build up over time is a powerful motivator

Doesn't feel like work

Doesn't feel like work

Most planners and productivity journals feel like extra work which makes them hard to keep up with. Analog is so simple that it almost feels invisible.

Designed to enjoy

Designed to enjoy

Seeing your progress build up over time is a powerful motivator

Task Signals

Throughout the day, mark each task as completed, in-progress, or delegated. Feel free to create your own symbols

Learn more about how Analog works →

Watch Analog in Action

Review by: Matthew Encina

Matthew Encina

"This is a to-do system that just works because it’s simple, in your face, and fun to use."

Watch how Matthew uses Analog
Review by: Maisy Leigh

Maisy Leigh

"When I keep all of my to-do’s on my screen, they can be easy to ignore. Using Analog feel really refreshing."

Watch how Maisy uses Analog
Review by: Chase Reeves

Chase Reeves

"I love how these card pair with day-to-day project management, and how they feel in my hands."

Watch how Chase uses Analog
Review by: Ali Abdaal

Ali Abdaal

"I love having a to-do list that I can see all of the time. And being able to store all of my cards under the divider."

Watch how Ali uses Analog

Design is in the Details

Analog is made in the USA from premium materials. From the solid walnut base to the thick 100# uncoated paper stock, no detail is overlooked.

The Trusted Tool for 15,000+

"Single momming three kids and running three online businesses means it's super easy to over-task myself. The constraints of Analog has made the work I do so much more effective!"

Shay Bocks
Create Director & Enneagram Consultant

Shay Bocks
Create Director & Enneagram Consultant

Analog is my perfect desktop companion. I can use it for digital tasks, but it lives where I have constant and easy access to it, beside my keyboard.

Paul Jarvis
Author of "Company of One"

Paul Jarvis
Author of

Less is more. Above all the to-do lists apps and task boards, a simple Analog card on my desk every day keeps me more focused than any of the more complex tools I've tried.

Dan Mall
CEO @ Superfriendly

Dan Mall
CEO @ Superfriendly

What I love even more than the simplicity, is the built-in archival nature of the cards. There's something special about seeing a stack of cards that represents a whole week – or a whole year! – worth of work and progress.

Shawn Blanc
Founder of The Focus Course

Shawn Blanc
Founder of The Focus Course

As someone that can spend more time messing with my to do list app than actually doing things, Analog is great because it helps me focus. I also really like the dot grid on the back for sketching quick ideas.

Sam Soffes
Engineer @ Github

Sam Soffes
Engineer @ Github

Analog is a simple, sophisticated, and effective system that has changed the way I organize my work. Highly recommend.

Josh Kaufman
Bestselling author of "The Personal MBA"

Josh Kaufman
Bestselling author of

Analog FAQ

What’s the key to making Analog work?

Analog is all about building the daily habit. You’ll quickly realize the power of how starting with Analog each day helps you focus and get real work done.

Is Analog also an app?

No. Analog is works alongside digital apps but is currently only a paper based tool.

What are the 3 dots in the upper right hand corner for?

Use these dots to rate how productive you are each day. For example, if you complete your entire card, fill in all 3 dots. Or you can also use the Card Signal to tie related projects together. All “work” projects might get two dots. And all “home” projects get one dot.

What if I have more than 10 things to do Today?

Analog forces you to prioritize and set realistic expectations. We all think we can get more done in a day than we actually can. If you somehow do complete all 10 tasks, fill out another Today card.

How do I capture tasks while on the go?

Analog is made to be portable and come with you wherever you go with the Travel Case But when you don’t have an Analog card with you, use a reminder app on your phone to capture an idea and then transfer to your card later.

How do I link cards together for specific projects?

Use the 3 dots in the upper right hand corner to link cards together. Another way to link cards is by adding a title on the line in the upper right hand corner.

Where do I put the complete cards?

Completed cards can be slid under the bottom of the stack of cards in the wood holder or discarded (the cards are fully recyclable).

Where do the Next and Someday Cards go?

Keep your Next and Someday Cards on top of the magnetic divider to keep them out of sight but always within reach for when you need to jot something down.

I still can't seem to get everything done on my Today card. How do I decide what goes on my Today card?

Don’t feel the need to fill up all 10 lines each day. Start small and only write the absolute most important 2 or 3 tasks each day. As you complete those primary tasks, continue adding a couple more tasks.

When do I start a new Next or Someday card?

This is totally up to you. I find it helpful to start a new card when over 50% of the tasks are complete and I want more free space to add new tasks.

Can I pause the subscription?

Yes. The Analog Subscription is billed quarterly and you may pause or cancel at any time.

More questions about Analog?

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Customer Reviews
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James B.
United States

Analog Cards

If you are going to go analog, and it today’s digital world it is refreshing, then go with the Ugmonk Analog Cards. They are beautiful and practical.

France France

Excellent product

Very good. It has simplified organising my work and private tasks. Love it!

Rebecca S.
United Kingdom United Kingdom

Absolutely incredible

One of the best things I think I’ve ever bought, absolutely life-changing for my productivity. Expensive sure, but worth every penny and I’d buy it again any day. Thanks!!!!!!!

Luis A.
Mexico Mexico


Al principio tenía deuda si funcionaba el sistema, pero me encanto!!! Es práctico y fácil de usar. Me ayuda a mantenerme enfocado en lo importante y descargar tareas rápidas que luego se olvidan. Con este sistema he podido resolver esos pequeños pendientes que se van dejando para después, pero que tambien son importantes.

Ugmonk Analog Cards (3-Pack) Review
John W.
United Kingdom United Kingdom


I'm 2 weeks in to using my Analog. I use it alongside a digital task management system and it's perfect. Shout out to for the delivery, I'm in the UK and from order to delivery was 8 days! Amazing. That said I'd love slower and cheeper shipping option for the card packs. The delivery makes them very expensive. Great product!!

Daniel C.
United States United States

Surprisingly helpful - strongly recommend

In more than thirty years of ‘time management’ from Franklin Planner to Covey to OmniFocus to Things, I’ve tried many, and all of the above have been helpful. I still need a software for project based workflows, but a single, focused list for today (and the helpful “next” and “someday” lists) has been very useful. I’ve often, on busy days, used my own version of the “have to do” list, but the elegant, pleasantly tactile experience of Analog has been a pleasure. I expect this to stick.

Avito Jr. Cahig
Philippines Philippines


already I felt the urge to finish the items on the list as it is readily seen from my work space

Lawrence K.
United States United States

Just get this ASAP

Jeff has managed to distill about everything ever written on productivity into a lovely system of cards. Yes! It’s in the cards!! Jony Ives and Dieter Rams couldn’t do any better. I’ll bet there’s a good chance they have a set. Bravo!

Sarah M.
Canada Canada


This is a beautiful desktop piece and helps my productivity

Juan A.
United States United States

Very useful

Nice material and easy system to use.

Jose A.
Mexico Mexico

Great desk organizer.

First class design, manufacture and materials. I have several jot note holders but this desk organizer keep the notes at sight

Juan A.
United States United States

Very good product

I've started using it today, I come from other more complex planner system. This is simple and practical; I let the tray at the office and bring with my some cards with me to use on the road if I need. So far so good, I think the card prices is a little high and in my the quantity of foreing incoming shipment is limited so taxes are very high for me.

Julie M.
United States United States

Innovative task management

I really like how this Product bridges the gap between technology and paper and pencil. I use my technology to gather, and then use the paper and pencil to help me focus.

Weenee B.
Hong Kong Hong Kong

A good supplement to digital to do list

I have been organised and have developed my own way of organising to do lists based on various methods I have read before. I adjust my system whenever my role changes or have expanded responsibilities. I have adopted various methods and made it my own. However, I noticed that whenever I get overwhelmed, I go back to the good old pen and paper and jot down my top 5 priority for the da. I do feel a sense of accomplishment whenever I tick and cross out the item. I found Analog very useful and it is a good supplement to my digital system of organising my work. It is also a fun way to focus!

Joerg L.
Germany Germany

Perfect form&function for my tasks

This is simply the most beautiful form&function tool I ever had for my tasks. And it‘s true: I gained more discipline and get done more

Gregory P.
United States United States

Lovely Item

The concept here couldn’t be simpler. This is a system for keeping to do lists. You could put your to do list on a scrap piece of paper or in an app and that might work fine. But if you struggle with staying on top of your tasks, this could make a difference. It is so lovely that you want to look at it and that also means looking at your to do list. The system is also adaptable. You can devise your own way of using it that works best for you.

Alexandra G.
Sweden Sweden


I love the analog! I thought the product was a bit overhyped, but wow! I use it every day and I feel so productive! This is simply a wonderful product!

James B.
United States United States

Very good product new user

This simple system has allowed me to really focus on top priorities daily. I have tried a number of different systems including digital but Ugmonk works. I don't need to flip pages or switch screens/apps to find important tasks. The simplicity creates focus. Well done.

Dylan S.
United States United States

All for one and one for all

First, I love the quality of the product as well as the design and the system of orderliness. My desk has been upgraded from bits of paper and random notes to organized thoughtfulness. I can quickly look at “today” and make a priority judgement. I no longer scrounge around for tidbits of paper on which to scribble my “to do” items. The system creates a singular place for keeping track of life, the universe, and everything. Ok, I’m exaggerating but not by much. I honestly adore the product and the system.

Terry B.
United States United States

Awesome Product

I was looking for an easier method to display my daily tasks and continue to grow my mono-tasking as get away from the multi-tasking inefficiencies. Analog dovetails with my other tools to help me keep focused on todays tasks! Great job Ugmonk!