Analog Wood Card Holder Walnut

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The Analog Card Holder keeps your Today card conveniently in front of you while the back provides space to store the rest of your monthly cards. The open-back design makes it easy to grab a new card and discard your completed cards. The metal divider magnetically snaps into the base providing a shelf for quick access to your Next and Someday cards.

The solid walnut base is precisely milled, sanded, and hand-finished here in the USA. The steel divider is laser cut and powder coated for a smooth white finish.

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  • Solid walnut wood base
  • Holds up to 50 cards
  • Powder-coated steel divider
  • Neodymium magnets
  • Laser-engraved Ugmonk logo
  • Dimensions: 6.25" x 3.55" x 1.15"
  • Made in Pennsylvania, USA

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Learn why Analog works

A companion for your digital tools

Analog doesn't replace your digital tools, it works alongside them. Working out of your inbox puts you on defense all day. Analog helps you focus on your most important work to move them close to your goals.

Analog divides tasks into 3 cards


At the beginning of each day, write up to 10 tasks on a Today card.

Use Task Signals to mark each task as completed, delegated, or in progress

Carry over unfinished tasks on a new Today card, or move some of them to a Next or Someday card.



Record important tasks that need to be done later. Use this list to help you fill out your Today card.



Capture ideas, aspirations, and goals that you would someday like to accomplish

The power of a simple habit

Analog is a simple, repeatable process. Starting fresh with a new Today card helps you adjust to your changing priorities.

Built on Proven Concepts

Analog ties together tried and true productivity principles into a simple, easy-to-use system.

Tangible Process

Tangible Process

Seeing your progress build up over time is a powerful motivator

Doesn't feel like work

Doesn't feel like work

Most planners and productivity journals feel like extra work which makes them hard to keep up with. Analog is so simple that it almost feels invisible.

Designed to enjoy

Designed to enjoy

Seeing your progress build up over time is a powerful motivator

Task Signals

Throughout the day, mark each task as completed, in-progress, or delegated. Feel free to create your own symbols

Learn more about how Analog works →

Design is in the Details

Analog is made in the USA from premium materials. From the solid walnut base to the thick 100# uncoated paper stock, no detail is overlooked.

What customers are saying about Analog...

"Single momming three kids and running three online businesses means it's super easy to over-task myself. The constraints of Analog has made the work I do so much more effective!"

Shay Bocks
Create Director & Enneagram Consultant

Shay Bocks
Create Director & Enneagram Consultant

Analog is my perfect desktop companion. I can use it for digital tasks, but it lives where I have constant and easy access to it, beside my keyboard.

Paul Jarvis
Author of "Company of One"

Paul Jarvis
Author of

Less is more. Above all the to-do lists apps and task boards, a simple Analog card on my desk every day keeps me more focused than any of the more complex tools I've tried.

Dan Mall
CEO @ Superfriendly

Dan Mall
CEO @ Superfriendly

What I love even more than the simplicity, is the built-in archival nature of the cards. There's something special about seeing a stack of cards that represents a whole week – or a whole year! – worth of work and progress.

Shawn Blanc
Founder of The Focus Course

Shawn Blanc
Founder of The Focus Course

As someone that can spend more time messing with my to do list app than actually doing things, Analog is great because it helps me focus. I also really like the dot grid on the back for sketching quick ideas.

Sam Soffes
Engineer @ Github

Sam Soffes
Engineer @ Github

Analog is a simple, sophisticated, and effective system that has changed the way I organize my work. Highly recommend.

- Josh Kaufman
Bestselling author of "The Personal MBA"

- Josh Kaufman
Bestselling author of

Analog FAQ

What’s the key to making Analog work?

Analog is all about building the daily habit. You’ll quickly realize the power of how starting with Analog each day helps you focus and get real work done.

Is Analog also an app?

No. Analog is works alongside digital apps but is currently only a paper based tool.

What are the 3 dots in the upper right hand corner for?

Use these dots to rate how productive you are each day. For example, if you complete your entire card, fill in all 3 dots. Or you can also use the Card Signal to tie related projects together. All “work” projects might get two dots. And all “home” projects get one dot.

What if I have more than 10 things to do Today?

Analog forces you to prioritize and set realistic expectations. We all think we can get more done in a day than we actually can. If you somehow do complete all 10 tasks, fill out another Today card.

How do I capture tasks while on the go?

Analog is made to be portable and come with you wherever you go with the Travel Case But when you don’t have an Analog card with you, use a reminder app on your phone to capture an idea and then transfer to your card later.

How do I link cards together for specific projects?

Use the 3 dots in the upper right hand corner to link cards together. Another way to link cards is by adding a title on the line in the upper right hand corner.

Where do I put the complete cards?

Completed cards can be slid under the bottom of the stack of cards in the wood holder or discarded (the cards are fully recyclable).

Where do the Next and Someday Cards go?

Keep your Next and Someday Cards on top of the magnetic divider to keep them out of sight but always within reach for when you need to jot something down.

I still can't seem to get everything done on my Today card. How do I decide what goes on my Today card?

Don’t feel the need to fill up all 10 lines each day. Start small and only write the absolute most important 2 or 3 tasks each day. As you complete those primary tasks, continue adding a couple more tasks.

When do I start a new Next or Someday card?

This is totally up to you. I find it helpful to start a new card when over 50% of the tasks are complete and I want more free space to add new tasks.

Can I pause the subscription?

Yes. The Analog Subscription is billed quarterly and you may pause or cancel at any time.

More questions about Analog?

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Customer Reviews

Customer Reviews
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damien a.
Australia Australia
Great simple product

Analog works really well, At first my task descriptions were too long and I felt like I needed more width, but after a while the shorter phrases actually helped simplify task descriptions. Though apart from the wallnut and maple I’d honestly prefer a oak or birch option to match the light aesthetics of my desk. And maybe options on the metal cover lid to be plan brushed metal or brass or matte black feel like the ugmonk pen

Marni E.
United States United States
Game changer

Excellent well made productivity tool I don’t know I needed; functional and beautiful to display and makes me eager to be productive. Love it!

Ugmonk Analog Wood Card Holder (Starter Kit) Review
Sébastien P.
Canada Canada
Worth it!

Easy to use and very helpful for my day-to-day work!

Michael d.
United States United States
Perfect tool for lists people!

I am a list person! I have lists for everything but often they can feel overwhelming. I have really enjoyed using Analog because it has helped cut through the noise and select a handful of the most meaningful tasks to tackle each day.

vikki w.
United States United States
A piece of art

I used so many reminders and daily organizers, calendars etc to help jog my memory of patients I need to follow up with after telehealth appointments. This sure does the trick!!! Plus it looks GREAT on my desk. Thank you Ugmonk for creating the solution I needed. When my colleagues discover my new tool they will likely contact you. I do need to order the travel case for when I am in clinic. That will be my next purchase.

Bobby O.
United States United States
Beautiful, Simple, Effective

The whole system works well as a stand alone task manager (albeit a simplified one), or an analog companion to a digital tool. I use Analog to structure my day, and my digital PM tool to view and track project specific tasks and statuses. This is a helpful balance for me as it allows me to focus on one project at a time, know where I’m going next, and get a quick visual on the day’s work. Love it so far. The product itself is well-crafted and beautifully designed. Looks good on my desk, too. All together, a well thought out product, from design to auction.

Juan C.
United States United States
Improves Productivity

I use project management platforms to work with teams. It's so useful to have a pen and paper to supplement and focus my day's goals.

Sunna E.
Iceland Iceland
So grateful! Love it!

The amount of gratitude that I have for this company and this product is hard to put into words. I have tried every calendar system out there and have never found anything as simple and efficient as the analog cards. - It certainly doesn't hurt how much love and care you put into the product as the stand is one of the most elegant and beautiful things that I have. I proudly display it on my desk at work and tell anyone and everyone that comes to the office about it. - Can't wait to add more to my Ugmonk collection. - With love and appreciation Sunna Einars

Ugmonk Analog Wood Card Holder (Starter Kit) ReviewUgmonk Analog Wood Card Holder (Starter Kit) ReviewUgmonk Analog Wood Card Holder (Starter Kit) Review
Iryna S.
United States United States
It is a game changer!

I love its simplicity and it helps me to be productive and focused on my priority!

Sharon G.
United States United States
Love this system.

Hello all. I’m a healthcare worker who does 12 hr shifts. Each week is different. I’ve tried various bullet journals and other products to help me accomplish things on my days off. This one works - meaning I’ve stuck with it- and is esthetically pleasing. Thanks for a great product!

Ugmonk Analog Wood Card Holder (Starter Kit) Review
Lauren A.
United States United States
Beautiful product

My husband needed an organization system for his desk with graphic design work. He said he loves this so much! Beautiful product & very effective.

Hatice A.
United Kingdom United Kingdom
Habit changer: Expensive though worth double the price

Since gifting myself Analog, I can’t say I am doing more. Likely I am doing less though more focused and more intentional. Not only for the things I chose to do on a given day, but also for the things I decide not do to add to my list. Slowly but consistently building a habit, while being in love with the simple design. Thanks folks!

Ryan E.
United States United States
Great setup. Mixes well with multiple systems and hybrid approaches.

There is detail in the construction that shows it was obviously thought through. An example is the slight bevel on the back bottom that makes it easy to slide in the previous days card to the bottom of the stack.

Christopher B.
United States United States
Great System

I love this... excellent quality and design! My only complaint is that the paper is NOT friendly to fountain pens as it leads to lots of feathering.

Niels B.
Netherlands Netherlands
Awesome way to improve your daily productivity

Using an analog system besides my digital system improved my way of working. I'm more focused on my tasks because it's in front of me and keeps me accountable to do those tasks and not procrastinate. Another thing that I like is the gratification when finishing the tasks. It's something that helps me closing of the day.

Santiago U.
United States United States
Great system. But paper needs a bit of work to be great for fountain pens

System is great, getting started but I see how it can help me narrow down my priorities for the day and start to act as a "second brain" My writing tools are fountain pens. And unfortunately the "Today" cards feather a lot with fountain pen ink. The "Sometime" cards work much better.

Ugmonk Analog Wood Card Holder (Starter Kit) Review
Alex P.
United States United States
Focal Point and Clarity

Build quality of the stand and the paper stock provided are both sturdy and have no blemishes. The "supplemental" content that is available on the site as videos and text tips are super helpful. The system is intuitive and simple enough that you can just naturally plan and use it right away. Sure you could probably have a cheaper DIY solution, but I think for what you're getting in terms of material and content that it makes up for it. I take pleasure in making this setup the centerpiece of my setup under my monitor.

Ritesh D.
United States United States
Old way works..

Good for now. I feel I have more control over the priorities for the day.

Lucas B.
France France
Huge thanks

It’s may be simple but it’s look very nice and amazing to use.

Stuart L.
Cyprus Cyprus
Power in Simplicity

Analog helps me surface the most important tasks for the day and helps me focus on them, not the million other things demanding my attention. Designed to be simple - as all good design is. I just bought 2 years worth.